Best Inexpensive Kayaks – Top 3 Budget Kayaks Worth Buying in July 2017

Best Inexpensive Kayaks - Top 3 Rated Kayaks Worth Buying in July 2017There are a lot of advanced kayaks on the market today that can be quite an expensive investment. However, for any beginner or recreational kayaker, a basic inexpensive kayak is more than efficient and breaking the bank doesn’t have to be an option.

When deciding which affordable kayak is best suited for you, there are a few things you will have to keep in mind. Features such as portability, storage and how child-friendly you want your kayak to be taken into consideration before purchasing your kayak.

The following best inexpensive kayaks review will give you a better idea of affordable and easy ways to get you out on the water.


Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in KayakSun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is an entry level recreational sit-in kayak that is both comfortable and boasts top grade construction. This durable and sturdy kayak is made from high-density polyethylene.

Along with this, the Fortiflex with UV inhibitor will ensure that the Aruba will last you a very long time if it isn’t put under unnecessary pressure.

This basic kayak has an open cockpit that is quite roomy. It has a padded seat and foot braces that are adjustable, as well as thigh pads. Therefore, your body will be comfortable and won’t feel a thing, even if you spend the whole day out on the water.

It has a capacity of 280-pounds and includes features such as a dry storage compartment, shock cord deck rigging, a water bottle holder and a paddle holder. If you are looking for a high-quality recreational kayak that won’t break the bank, the Aruba is a great buy for beginners, occasional paddlers and even children.

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Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package

Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package by Sea EagleThe Sea Eagle SE330 is an inflatable sports kayak that can also be paddled as a canoe. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to inflatable kayaks is that of quality and durability.

Luckily, this extremely rigid kayak is made of industrial PVC material, which makes it basically indestructible. Further reinforcements such as a 33mm polykrylar I-beam on the hull makes it salt water and sun resistant and multiple air chambers make this kayak less likely to sink when punctured.

This kayak is not only easy to setup, but is light enough to be taken anywhere, whether by car, airplane or even by bike. Maneuvering and turning the Sea Eagle is just as easy and it is the perfect kayak for both beginners and advanced kayakers. The only downside to this inflatable kayak is the time that it takes to set up.

With a manual pump, it takes about 10 minutes to inflate. However, investing in an electric pump will make your life much easier and setup much quicker. If you are looking for a highly-portable entry level kayak that is lightweight and affordable, then the SE330 is a very good option to consider.

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Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable KayakThe Advanced Elements FireFLy is an inflatable kayak that is lightweight and easy to set up. This is made easy by the newly advanced inflation valves. These high flow Twistlok and Spring valves make the process of pumping up and deflating this kayak much easier than with other inflatable kayaks.

Inefficient tracking and stability is usually a common complaint when it comes to inflatable kayaks. This issue has been addressed by the use of rigid built-in panels for the bow and stern to make for faster paddling and better steering.

Tracking is improved even more by the built-in fin and landing plate. Extra features include bungee deck lacing, rubber molded handles, and a mesh pocket.

While this kayak may not be well suited for a larger person or paddling in difficult weather conditions, it is perfect for calm flat water and easy enough for children to manoeuvre. If you are a beginner kayaker and looking for a compact, small and super lightweight model that can even be carried in a backpack, then this Advanced Elements kayak will be a great buy for you.

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Buying the Right Kayak

Whether you have made the decision to invest in your first kayak or you are merely a recreational kayaker looking for a new model, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for a high-quality kayak.

Any basic kayak from a trusted brand will be able to take you out onto the water. If you are looking for a portable and lightweight kayak then the Sea Eagle SE330 and Advanced Elements FireFly are the perfect kayaks for both you and your children.

However, if you are looking to buy a more traditional and sturdy kayak, then the Sun Dolphin Aruba will be worth investing in. No matter which one of these kayaks you do decide on buying, you will be guaranteed hours of enjoyment out on the open water.