7 Must have kayak accessories for the serious kayaker

kayak accessories IIIf you are passionate about kayaking, and have already spent some hard earned cash on a decent kayak, you now need some kayak accessories. There are thousands of different accessories, some more useful than others.

I have sifted through these, to find the 7 must have kayak accessories for the passionate kayaker.

No wonder you get confused when browsing through the skeg stops, paddling gloves, life jackets, paddle straps, etc etc. There are only a few accessories that are vital to your enjoyment of your time on the water.

Let’s get stuck in!

1. Premier Kayak Gripper Paddle Leash

Let’s be honest. The one thing that can completely ruin your kayaking trip, is losing your paddle. Talk about being caught up a creek without a paddle.

OK, sorry. That was a bad pun.

But that doesn’t make it any less important to have a good paddle leash. The Premier Kayak Gripper is 4ft of schock cord, that will suit any paddling style. It is one of the most comfortable leashes on the market, and will stay firmly in place.

This leash can be used to secure your paddle, electronics, or any other gear that needs to be fastened.

Check out the Premier Kayak Gripper Paddle Leash here

2. Solstice 4 piece Quick Release Paddle

Even with a paddle leash, no kayaker should ever go out on the water without a spare paddle. Imagine being in the middle of a lake without a paddle?

The Solstice 4 piece Quick Release Paddle is my choice for a backup paddle. The 4 piece construction makes for very compact storage both while kayaking, or when travelling. This 84 inch paddle is light, sturdy and comes rubber padded for comfort.

This is such a good paddle, that there are plenty of kayakers using it as their first choice. With the Solstice 4 piece Quick Release Paddle as backup, your weekend trip won’t be ruined if you lose your main paddle.

Check out the Solstice 4 piece Quick Release Paddle here

3. Kwik Tek W-1 Whistle With Lanyard

So I haven’t quite convinced you about that spare paddle? Or perhaps your budget doesn’t allow a spare paddle right now. In that case, you HAVE to get a whistle. I prefer the Kwik Tek W-1 whistle.

By law most states in the US requires an audible signal device on any boats and watercraft. not only could a whistle like this safe your life, it can also safe you from a hefty fine.

The W-1 comes with a very handy floating lanyard which doubles as a floating keychain, and easily clips onto your life jacket.

One reviewer states the following about the W-1:

Kwik Tek W-1 Whistle With Lanyard


I am not sure that I can think of a better way to describe this whistle. This is the kind of whistle I want in my hands when I am either in danger of being run over, or if I ever get stranded and need to get some attention real quick.

Check out the Kwik Tek W-1 Whistle With Lanyard (Purple / Yellow)

4. Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove

If you typically spend a few hours, or perhaps a few days on kayak trips, your hands need to be comfortable. Sore and sweaty hands will not get you very far when paddling. The Warmers Barnacle paddling glove will ensure that your hands are super comfortable, and doesn’t be come sweaty.

These lightweight gloves are padded, and will reduce blistering on longer trips. It will also provide some warmth for those paddling in the early morning hours.

My favourite thing about these gloves? They have a little piece of absorbent terrycloth on the thumb. This is super handy to wipe your brow!

For a comfortable time while kayaking, you can’t go wrong with the Warmers Barnacles.

Check out the Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove

5. SKWOOSH Bilge Sponge

Ever hear of a bilge sponge? Well, I hadn’t until a few months ago. I was kayaking with some friends, and saw this funny looking yellow sponge me friend had clipped to his kayak.

For fear of looking like an idiot, I didn’t ask about it. Later when I was clumsily scooping water out of my kayak with my hands, he came over and offered the sponge to me. Only when I had the sponge in my hands, did I realize what it was for.

It soaks up the excess water, which you can then squeeze out over the side of your kayak.

Man, that thing was handy on that trip. As soon as I got back I ordered my very own SKWOOSH Bilge Sponge. It can soak up 32 oz of water(nearly 1 liter). It comes with a handy elastic loop of its own, which can clip on to your kayak. Come Christmas time, this makes for a great stocking stuffer for the kayaker in your life.

Check out the SKWOOSH Bilge Sponge here

6. Pelican Dry Box

You need to keep your valuables dry when out on the water. This case from Pelican will keep your keys, wallet, digital camera or cellphone safe from any possible water damage. Pelican is the leading brand when it comes to dry boxes, and there aren’t too many serious kayakers out there without these clipped to their kayak.

This airtight case will handle anything you throw at it. Snow, dust, mud, water, you name it, the Pelican handles it with ease. This case is roomy enough to easily fit your wallet, keys and cellphone.

Check out the Pelican 1050 Dry Box here

7. Stohlquist Brik Personal Flotation Device

If you don’t use any of the above recommendations, I will forgive you. But you HAVE to use a PFD, or life jacket when you go kayaking. Whether you are doing whitewater yakking, or just going for a relaxing paddle on the lake, you must always wear a PFD. It has saved lives, and it could save yours too.

Stohlquist is renowned worldwide for their excellent PFD’s, and the Brik is, in my personal opinion, their very best. The Brik’s is perfect for kayaking as it has such a small profile. The smart people at Stohlquist have really outdone themselves with this PFD, and you would be surprised how comfortable it is while paddling.

This PFD does not restrict movement, and works well for yakking and fishing. It features 7 personalised adjustments, which all but eliminates chafing. There is no material in the armpit area, so you can row all day long without worrying about blisters or abrasions around your armpits.

A great option for kayaking, boating, fishing, dragonboating, or any other type of water activity. A true all-rounder of a life jacket. Please note that while the Brik works well for some ladies, I would recommend the Stohlquist Women’s Betsea PFD for ladies.

Check out the Stohlquist Brik PFD here

All bundled up

If you like these recommendations, and would like to grab them all in just one go, have a look at the bundle below. I have placed all of these accessories into one bundle for some easy shopping. That really is a great price for all of the above kayak accessories.

PLEASE NOTE: I did not include the life jacket, as this is such a personal preference, and size really does matter.


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