Review: Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP (8″ Thick) with Pump and 3-pc Adjustable Paddle

Tower Paddle Boards have taken the stand up paddleboard world by storm. First featured on an episode of Shark Tank, the company has become a major player in the SUP world. They are known for well-built, quality paddleboards, and with the Tower Explorer 14 foot inflatable stand up paddleboard they have delivered again.

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The Xplorer’s revolutionary design offers incredible speed for an inflatable SUP. In fact, this design was aimed at the SUP racing crowd when it was first created. So you can be sure that your need for speed will be filled!

This flat-water touring board is not just fast, but is also very well put together. You will get many a mile from this wll constructed vessel. To give you an idea, when it first launched it was the only 14 feet inflatable SUP, as well as the only 8 inch thick model. Since then there have been copycats, but none have come close to matching the quality of the Tower Xplorer.

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable Paddle Board review

The number one selling point for this unit is how compact it is when deflated. This is the fastest model made by Tower, yet you will be surprised at how easy it is to transport and store. It easily fits into a handy duffel bag for transporting. Think of the size of a rolled up sleeping bag, that is the size of your deflated 14 feet SUP!

This SUP has very little wake for its size, and is especially quiet on the water, even when it is choppy. This board is also very tough, and handles corral and rock formations without breaking a sweat.

If you are on the large side, you will be surprised at how stable this board is. I know a 6’6 guy, weighing in at 250lbs, who absolutely loves the Xplorer.

Handling is exceptional for this size of inflatable SUP, and the board sits very high in the water.

Why an inflatable over a rigid deck?

Inflatable SUP’s are lighter and much more portable, enabling you to keep your SUP with you wherever you go. Just chuck it in the trunk, and you can whip it out whenever you pass by a river or lake. Try keeping a rigid deck SUP in the boot of your car!

These inflatables are also easy to use, and because of their size, are easy to store. Inflating and deflating takes a minute or two, and then you can store your SUP away without worrying about space.

Even though you might think that inflatable SUP’s should be less durable than their rigid counterparts, you would be surprised at the beating the Tower Xplorer can take. The hardened rubbers and polymers are both very tough materials.

The Tower Xplorer is the perfect SUP for the complete newbie. The board isn’t as stiff as the rigid boards, and also not as hard. Let’s face it, if you are new to standup paddleboarding, you are bound to take a spill sometime in the foreseeable future. With an inflatable, you have much less chance of injury.

What I liked

I love how compact this large stand up paddleboard is when deflated. I also really like how it sits high and stable in the water, and I was very impressed with how durable the board is even when navigating corral.

What I didn’t like

I felt like Tower dropped the ball with the paddle. With such an awesome product, the accessories can make or break the deal for many. While I wouldn’t go that far with this over heavy paddle, I think they could have done better.

Solstice is one of the best kayak paddle brands, and I rate their SUP paddles highly as well. If you are in the market for a new paddle, I recommend the Solstice 3 Piece Composite Adjustable Paddle.

The verdict

If you don’t have the storage space for a rigid SUP, the Tower Explorer Inflatable SUP is the way to go. It stores easily, handles very well on the water, is surprisingly stable, and is an all-round performer. You won’t be disappointed!