Best Sit On Top Kayak Reviews 2018: 3 things to consider when buying

best sit on top kayak reviewsSit on top kayaks are ideal for kids, swimmers and beginners. Getting on and off is easier on this type of kayak compared to other types.

With our handy comparison chart of sit on top kayaks, you can make sure you pick the best model for you.

Comparison Table: Best Sit On Top Kayaks of 2018

Below the sit on top kayaks comparison table, you can see the  three things you must consider before buying a top rated sit on top kayak.

I know that your budget might the most important consideration, and I have included this handy pricing range so you know what you are getting yourself into. Use these as an indicator, but keep in mind that prices on kayaks change often, and deep discounts can be had. If you like a certain model, click the ‘Check Pricing’ link to double check the current price.

  • $ – Low (under $200)
  • $$ – Med ($201-$500)
  • $$$ – High ($500+)
Perception Sport Pescador 124.812ft60lbs$$$
Perception Sport Pescador 104.310ft25lbs$$$
Intex Explorer K24.110ft36lbs$
Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top4.513.1ft31lbs$$
Lifetime Manta Tandem4.410ft66lbs$$$

The three things that you have to keep mind before buying a sit on top kayak, is…

Type of Paddling

There are many available designs of sit on top kayaks but you should not buy simply because you like the design. You should first identify the type of paddling you want to do. A medium-sized sit on top kayak is best for paddling on flat water like lakes and rivers. Although longer kayaks are faster, they are more difficult to turn. If a sit on top kayak is wider, it means that it is more stable so it is more advisable for strong currents.

If a sit on top kayak is shaped like a banana, it has more rockers. If it is shaped like a log, it has less rockers. More rockers means it is easier to move or maneuver while less rockers means it easier to paddle straight. When you want to do recreational paddling, choose something in between.

Rider and Cargo

A tandem sit on top kayak is the best for sharing the kayak with a partner. If you are the loner type, you can choose a solo sit on top kayak. Although you can paddle the tandem kayak alone, it is challenging to maneuver since you are not in the middle of the kayak.

The things you want to bring during your kayak adventure will also help in deciding which sit on top kayak you will buy. If you want to bring snacks, drinks, chairs and even your dog, they must fit on the size of the kayak you will buy. However, it is not advisable to put too much things in the kayak because it will create more drag and slow you down.


If you do not live somewhere near a beach or a lake, you have to consider how you will transport your kayak. Heavier and longer kayaks are obviously harder to move from one place to another. If your car is too small, you must not buy a very large and heavy kayak because it will be a hassle for your travel. Choose the size that is suitable for the vehicle you will be using.

Many different kayak types and designs are available for consideration. The best things to consider are your circumstances, the type of water you wish to paddle in, and your mode of transportation. Once you’ve chosen the kayak that’s right for you, the adventures will be endless.